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    The Best Coffee Making Equipment for Caffeine Addict

How to Make Coffee with or without A Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of many people. Out of every three people in the world, one of them is a coffee drinker. Coffee is delicious if taken either in the morning or at night when work piles up. Coffee is one of the drinks that most people enjoy, which is not only gulped but also enjoyed. The coffee business has also become a business of tens of billions of dollars, which can only be rivaled by the petroleum business.

Here are some tips on how to make coffee with or without a coffee maker:

How to Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Tubruk coffee is a typical Indonesian coffee dish. Hot water is poured directly into the coffee grounds in a glass. How to make brewed coffee is considered the simplest and easiest because it does not require special tools. But make no mistake, the original brewing can damage the taste. Check out these tips to find out how.

Indonesia has a long history with coffee, a variety of typical Indonesian coffee drinks can be found in the shops, one of which is Tubruk coffee. This method originally came from the regions of Java and Bali. Because of the times and population migration, this method is almost used throughout Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the method or method for making Tubruk coffee is the oldest. Historically, this brewing method was originally introduced by traders from the Middle East in the colonial era.

Tubruk coffee is a drink served with pulp. To make it heat the water to boiling, then grind the coffee beans with a grinder. If you buy coffee in powder form, there is no need to grind it. After the water boils, wait a moment (about 2 minutes), pour the hot water into a glass and serve.

How to make Tubruk coffee is very free and the size of the ground roll used is basically according to taste. Many suggest using coarse grind size. However, we recommend that the ideal roll size for impact is fine.

How to Make Coffee with A Coffee Maker

Broadly speaking, how to make coffee can be classified into two, namely by machine and manual brew. Both have advantages and disadvantages to each.

Using a machine is more practical and saves time, but the price of a coffee machine is more expensive and requires maintenance. How to brew coffee without the help of a machine or manual brew is simpler, but to make delicious coffee with this method requires regular exercise.

How to brew coffee using a machine and manual brew to produce a different drink character. The size of the ground coffee beans used is also different. For machines the size of coffee grounds used minimally is fine. While the manual brew method mostly uses grind medium.

In the coffee machine process can be found crema or foam that appears, this is due to coffee that is processed in the pressure and heat of the machine. This can be a sign of how good coffee beans are used to make espresso. Crema is rarely found in coffee brew manual results.

How to Brew Coffee with the Brewing Method (Manual Brew)

The manual brew is a way to make delicious and popular coffee among coffee fans. How to brew coffee without a machine like this not only produces good drinks but also entertaining and attractive. Therefore, being able to do manual brewing is the main requirement as a barista cafe.

Broadly speaking there are 4 ways of extracting with this method, namely boiling (boiling), soaking (steeping), pouring (pour-over), and pressing (pressuring). Although diverse, not all of these methods are applied in cafes.

The manual brew is not difficult but requires practice, you can try it by following our instructions. Here are some methods that are often used in cafes:

1. V60

V60 is the most popular way to brew coffee because the result is delicious, light, and has a strong aroma. Usually, the cupping or observation process uses coffee brewed in this way.

Tools and materials:

  • 15 grams of ground coffee. Use a suitable coffee bean or blend, the most suitable flavor character is the beans with a body bold and slightly acidic.
  • Water
  • Filter
  • V60 dripper (plastic is better because it does not absorb heat)
  • Kettles
  • Glass
  • Stopwatch
  • Electronic scales

How to brew delicious coffee with the v60 method:

  • Boil water to a temperature of 90 ° C.
  • Prepare a glass on the scale.
  • Wet the filter with hot water, pour just a little water not to stagnate.
  • Enter the ground coffee.
  • Pour hot water in a constant circular motion slowly.
  • The first pour for blooming, the process of removing carbon dioxide. Pour until the scales show 30 ml, wait 45 seconds.
  • The second pour to get acidity. Pour up to 80 ml, wait 45 seconds.
  • The third pour to get the body. Pour up to 150 ml, wait 30 seconds.
  • The final pour, up to 195 ml.
  • Before the drip stops, lift it so that the last steeping doesn’t mix.
  • Enjoy.

2. Vietnamese Drip

Vietnamese drip is a way of brewing coffee developed by Vietnamese people to maximize the character of Vietnamese coffee.

Using a tool like this is one way to make delicious and better milk coffee. Because the pulp is not mixed when using this tool, it is different from the Indonesian method.

Tools and materials:

  • 17 grams of ground coffee
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Glass
  • Vietnamese drip
  • Ice cubes, to be served cold
  • Water

How to brew delicious coffee with Vietnamese drip:

  • Prepare a glass.
  • Add two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.
  • Heat the water to 88 ° C.
  • Put coffee in the dripper.
  • Pour hot water into the dripper.
  • Wait patiently until the water stops dripping.
  • Stir
  • Add ice if you want it to be served cold.

3. Syphon

How to brew this coffee using a special tool, namely the vacuum pot, this method is very fun and looks like he was conducting a chemical experiment.

Tools and materials:

  • 30 grams of ground coffee, fine or fine
  • 400 ml of water
  • Syphon tubes (top and bottom beaker)
  • Vacuum filter
  • Spiritus burner

How to make delicious coffee with the syphon method:

  • Install the syphon, making sure the filter covers the water channel perfectly.
  • Boil water until warm, do not boil.
  • Put water into the bottom vessel (bottom beaker).
  • Turn on the alcohol burner.
  • Wait until all the water rises to the vessel above.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Put the coffee into the vessel above (top beaker).
  • Stir
  • Wait until the water drops on the bottom beaker stop.
  • Serve.

4. AeroPress

Many tutorials on the internet that teaches how to make espresso coffee with AeroPress. Our advice, no! Because it doesn’t taste good, the resulting body is different from espresso that uses rok presso or machines.

Tools and materials:

How to make delicious coffee with AeroPress:

  • Boil water to 88 ° C.
  • Prepare AeroPress, wet the filter.
  • Put the AeroPress on the cup.
  • Put the powder in the chamber.
  • Add 220 ml of water, level 4 (AeroPress as an indicator).
  • Shake the AeroPress slowly, not stirring.
  • Remember, do steps 5 and 6 in 10 seconds.
  • Cover the plunger and pull a little.
  • Wait for 15 seconds.
  • Remove the plunger, stir.
  • Close again.
  • Press the plunger until it is at level 1.
  • Enjoy.

Tips for you:

Making delicious coffee is not as easy as drinking it, it requires practice and accuracy. If the results are not good, don’t be discouraged and motivate yourself. Master the techniques we provide, so you can develop and experiment further. Good luck!